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MidlandsMars Paint Scratch Removal £30.00 Per Panel
At Midlands Mars we have two methods of repair for scratched paintwork. Both are on a mobile basis in the West Midlands and Staffordshire areas.

1. MPR (miraculous paint repair)
About 65% of all scratches in car paintwork can be repaired using our MPR system. The results are "miraculous" and the system offers the lowest cost for scratch removal currently on the market. The traditional way to remove minor scratches. is to first of all, flat the scratch with a fine wet and dry abrasive to get to the bottom of the scratch. Then buff the area back to a shine with an abrasive polish.

Exceptional care must be taken when doing this so as not to "cut through" the clear coat, if this happens you have no choice but to repaint the panel. With the MPR system we are not using any abrasive, so the surface of the lacquer isn't being thinned keeping the original finish of the vehicle intact, apart from the scratch.

2. Deep Scratch/Panel Repair
If you can catch your fingernail in the scratch, then it will be too deep to repair with the MPR system. this is because the scratch has gone through the clear coat into the basecoat or through to the metal. If this is the case then there is no other option but to repaint the damaged area.

Depending on the size and location of the scratch, this determines what type of repair we are able to perform. we will always try to keep the repaired area to a minimum using our smart repair techniques, thus saving £££'s on comparative bodyshop prices.

Cosmetic Scratches On Mercedes Bonnet
Mercedes Bonnet After MPR Repair

Many thanks for the work you did today, its as if the kerb marks and scratches were never there, just great, a job well done, I’m extremely pleased.

The car is back to perfect showroom condition, I will certainly promote you to my friends and associates.

MPR Scratch Removal - From £30 per panel
Deep Vandal Scratches - Please contact us for a quote

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