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MIDLANDS MARS PLASTIC WELDING from £25.00 + Finish (Textured/Painted)

Midlands Mars Plastic Welding - We can repair cracked or split plastic bumpers. By using our repair service there is no need to lose the car to a bodyshop for days on end. With prices for welding from just £30 (+ the cost of the type of finnish required), its more cost effective than having to replace the entire bumper.
The cost of repairing crack damage or holes in your plastic parts will be cheaper than your insurance excess, making an insurance claim unnecessary and keeping your vital no claims bonus intact.

Replacing damaged bumpers can be very expensive but our plastic welding service makes the need for this unnecessary and a thing of the past. The repair cost will usually save you hundreds of pounds on the cost of a replacement!

Midlands Mars use the latest smart repair techniques and equipment. With our specialist plastic weldimg equipment anything plastic, painted or textured, is repairable!

CALL US NOW if your in the West Midlands and Staffordshire area for a no obligation quote.

Long Crack on Textured Bumper
Picture Of Bumper After Long Crack Repaired
Before and After Photo of Plastic Welding with a Textured Finish


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