MidlandsM.A.R.S. Plastic Repairs

If you have ever had to replace any interior trim panels due to damage you will already know how expensive it can be not to mention how complicated & time consuming to actually fit. That is where we come in at MidlandsMars we are able to repair and reconstruct those expensive interior trim pieces at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Typical types of damage can be holes in dashboard from mobile phone kits, cigarette burns, door trims damaged by seat belts, scuffed door panels or discolouration from the sun. Don’t let these unsightly marks decrease the value of your vehicle. As plastic ages, it can become brittle and crack, or even break anytime stress or pressure is applied. With the MidlandsMars. plastic repair service, your interior plastic will be restored to their original appearance at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Scratched door handle before repair
Door handle after being repaired
Plastic Repair having been made