MidlandsM.A.R.S. Deodourising
Serious odours cannot be removed by using an air freshener.

Vehicle odour is one of those things you can't stop happening but you can get rid of them when they occur. Odours are gases that people notice which eminate from a source in the air. Luckily there is a solution to all of these. Each smell, no matter how large or small is made up of proteins. These proteins sit deep in the fabric of your interior and can not be removed by normal methods (wiping, shampooing, or even scotch guarding).

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Here at MidlandsM.A.R.S we use a series of specially developed chemicals designed to counteract each individual odour. The system lifts the odour out of the fabric then kills the bacteria associated with that odour. Odours of all types can be removed, most commonly, Tobacco Smoke, Pet Smells, Organic (milk, ice cream,beer & vomit), Mold & Mildew, Urine & Fire related Smoke Odour. Finally a fogging machine takes care of all the bad odour lurking in the ventilation system.

Most odour removals can be completed in less than an hour with a minimal amount of labor.