MidlandsM.A.R.S. M.P.R.(Miraculous Paint Repair)

MPR is the best chip and scratch repair system in the world!
MPR is a cosmetic paint repair that provides a permanent solution to scratched/damaged paint on any vehicle, without the need for spraying. Scratches, scuffs and chips become virtually undetectable. This is achieved at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional body shops or even a standard SMART repair. The need for an expensive repair to that scratch on your door panel is a thing of the past!

Mercedes Bonnet Scratches
Mercedes Bonnet Scratches Removed
MPR Repair on a Mercedes

The majority of scratches are reduced by up to 90% and are only visible by extremely close inspection. MPR is capable of repairing up to 80% of all scratches that may appear on your vehicle.

MPR Guarantee

MPR repairs are guaranteed not to wash off, even with a Jet wash. Our repairs are Guaranteed to last as long as your vehicle.