Midlands Mars Machine Polishing
The 3M machine polishing system is designed to restore your paintwork to a showroom condition. It removes oxidized paint and very light scratches from the clear coat finish.
3M Machine Polishing
Machine polishing is an effective way of removing swirl marks and fine scratches from paintwork to restore the car to its former glory. The over use of hand car washes, automatic car washes, dirty sponges are the main causes of swirl defects in the paintwork. The severity of these defects determines if a 1, 2 or 3 stage machine polish will be needed. Machine polishing will also rectify heavily oxidised paintwork, hologramming and minor paint imperfections. We use a combination of Dual Action and Rotary polishers with 3M's compounds, polishes and glazes.
Maintain the appearance of your vehicle and enhance the trade-in value by protecting its paintwork with 3M Machine Polish.