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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Am I able to have the repair done at my home.
A: Yes, we are fully mobile. Work can be done at home, work or any other required address.
Q: How long does a repair take?
A: That depends on type of repair to be done. A Glass repair may only take 20 mins, some paint repairs may take up to three hours. The repair time length can be estimated when booking an appointment. However, all repairs will be completed on the same day.
Q: Are repairs guaranteed
A: Yes all repairs are carried out to a very high standard and are guaranteed for 2 years.
Q: Do I have to pay for a quote.
A: No all quotes are free with no obligation.
Q: What about matching the paint colour.
A: Our computerized colour matching system enables us to match any colour. We use BASF Glasurit 90-Line Waterborne Basecoat. Itís the most advanced coating available in today's market. It's this superior technology that has convinced seventy percent of worldwide OEM car manufacturers to use waterborne basecoat finishes - which means that it's also your best choice when you have your car repaired.
Q: Can you carry out insurance work
A: Our prices are normally much lower than the insurance excesses. So why lose your No Claims Bonuses.
Q: Can you repair major body and structural damage.
A: Not on a mobile basis we specialize in Small to Medium Sized cosmetic repairs. For larger jobs please ask about our bodyshop service.
Q: How can I pay for the work carried out.
A: All payments are taken upon completion of repairs.We can take payment by cash or cheque.
Q: Are your paints safe to be sprayed outside?
A: Yes! We do not spray paints that contain isocyanate, and as we spray at such low air pressure and with HVLP Mini spray guns there is no chance of overspray and fumes are kept to a minimum.
Q: I went to another body shop, their estimate was a lot more than your estimate and they need to keep my car for three days. Why is your price so much less and how do you do it so fast?
A: We built our mobile business around filling a particular need, our operation is dedicated to doing one thing very well. Because we concentrate on fixing minor damage only, we can manage our workflow very efficiently. We do not have many of the obstacles that traditional body shops have that interrupt the production flow.
Q: Okay, so you can do it fast and for a good price, will it look as good?
A: Certainly, we pride ourselves on restoring your vehicle to the way it looked before it was damaged.
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